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Live Sessions:

Due to the on-demand nature of IROS2020 and to accommodate to the different time-zones, we are holding two separate live sessions.

####### October 26th 15:00-19:00 UTC #######

####### October 28th 00:00-04:00 UTC #######

In the first 2 hours of each sessions we will replay the videos, which you can also watch here.

These will be followed by a 2 hour live session with Q&A to the speakers and round-table discussion.

During the live session the following accepted contributions will also be presented and discussed:

  1. Xinghao Zhu, Yongxiang Fan, Shiyu Jin, Changhao Wang, and Masayoshi Tomizuka, “Why Does Robotic Dexterous Hand Grasp Fail?”
  2. Alberto Camacho, Jacob Varley, Andy Zeng, Deepali Jain, Atil Iscen, Dmitry Kalshnikov, “Disentangled Planning and Control in Vision Based Robotics via Reward Machines (Extended Abstract)”
  3. Roberto Meattini, Vincenzo Salzillo, Andrea Gigli, Claudio Melchiorri, and Claudio Castellini, “A remarkable failure story in close human-robot interaction: advanced myocontrol of prosthetic hands”
  4. Benjamin Panreck, Simon Untergasser, Manfred Hild, “Model-free Monocular Visual Servoing”
  5. Alex Mitrevski and Paul G. Ploger, “Lack of Understanding of Objects as a Cause of Manipulation Failures”
  6. Maximo A. Roa, Werner Friedl, Ashok M. Sundaram, “Robustness and Performance under Failures in the CLASH Hand”
  7. Lima Agnel Tony, Shuvrangshu Jana, Debasish Ghose, “Why it failed to grab the ball?”
  8. Neel Doshi, Orion Taylor, and Alberto Rodriguez, “Pivoting a Partially Unknown Object about an Environmental Contact”
  9. Caris Moses and Jane Shi, “Integrating State Estimation and Perception for Picking”
  10. Anjali Harish Asar, Stephanie Hughes, Nigel Swenson, Xiaoli Fern, Ravi Balasubramanian and Cindy Grimm, “Structured Noise to Increase the Reliability of Grasping”


Joao Bimbo, Yale University

Giulia Vezzani, DeepMind

Kensuke Harada, Osaka University

Dimitrios Kanoulas, University College London

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